Resume Examples By Industry

Service Industries

Customer Service

Be sure to craft a customer service resume that shows hiring managers you are at the top of your field.

Food & Restaurant

Looking for work in the food and restaurant business? Then make sure your resume hits on these details.


You can enhance your chances of getting a rewarding healthcare job with a comprehensive healthcare resume.

Hotel & Hospitality

A strong hotel and hospitality resume demonstrates a strong educational and professional background.


A good retail resume shows what you can do by demonstrating your your diverse skills and experiences.

Law Enforcement & Security

Looking for work in the law enforcement field? Then make sure your resume includes the following information.

Personal Care & Services

Do you like to help others? Write a personal care & services resume to begin a fulfilling career.

Maintenance & Janitorial

A maintenance and janitorial resume can be your key to a career in a highly technical maintenance job.

Media & Entertainment

Create the ideal media and entertainment resume by showing off your professional history and skills.


Your management resume needs to demonstrate your accomplishments and leadership skills.

Government & Military

A government and military resume highlights the very best experience and background that you have to offer.


A marketing resume needs to be properly formatted to catch the attention of hiring managers.


A good legal resume shows that you are a versatile contributor who can make a difference.


Find the right IT career in an increasingly competitive field with a customized IT resume from MyPerfectResume.

Human Resources

Are you interested in pursuing a career in HR? Read our human resources resume example to find out more.


Build up your finance resume into something that you can be proud of and will get you ahead in the business world.

Agriculture & Environment

Your agriculture and environment resume shows hiring managers that you’re ready to step in and make a difference.

Social Services

Interested in working in the social services sector? Then here’s how to impress hiring managers with your resume.

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